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English version of the French Novel "Les Chemins de Lumière"


A Coming of Age in Haiti, France, and the United States."Memories in Technicolor is a narrative about growing up—one built with precision, that plunges the reader in the heart of the 60s, as the main character learns to come to terms with a world that can be both loving and cruel. During the Papa Doc regime in Haiti, Myriam leaves Port-au-Prince to attend a boarding school in France and embrace adolescence and its many surprises; she is forced to examine her beliefs, as well as her relationships and her view of herself. Later, when the young Caribbean woman travels the United States to pursue a university degree in the midst of the hippie counter culture and the controversial Vietnam War era, small moments of self-revelation allow Myriam to reinvent herself. She keeps a journal where she describes her journey across continents, and the emotional and spiritual growth that comes with dislocation. She captures every day moments in the most beautiful, compelling ways. Each entry bubbles, until they all burst ten years later, putting an end to her story: Myriam’s life has come full circle."MJ Fievre, author of A Sky the Color of Chaos “The writing pulls you in. The characters are endearing. The nostalgic backdrop is elegant. Memories in Tehnicolor is a testimony to the multilayered Haitian way of life.” Evelyne Trouillot, author of The Infamous Rosalie and Memory at Bay“This coming of age story follows the motions of a heart open to life. As we share the reality and anxieties of a young expatriate, we learn about the little-known and often-stereotyped Levantine community in Haiti. As the characters come to life through the pages, the words carry us along a quiet river with unexpected curves and surprising waves.” --Kettly Mars, author of Savage Seasons and At the Borders of Thirst


French Edition

Les Chemins de Lumière est un parcours d’adolescente avec pour toile de fond une époque tumultueuse et pivotante de la scène mondiale. Les Chemins de Lumière nous entraîne dans le sillage d’une adolescente qui découvre la vie et ses surprises à une époque où le monde se réinvente. D’Haïti, sous la dictature de François Duvalier, à la terre accueillante de France où elle séjourne en pension, pour aboutir aux Etats-Unis à l’ère de la guerre du Viêt-Nam et la contre-culture hippie, ce roman relate le parcours géographique, culturel, sentimental et spirituel d’une Haïtienne à la fin des années soixante. Dix ans plus tard, la jeune femme, née des cendres de l’adolescence, met le point final à son journal et son histoire… Sa vie vient de former un cercle parfait !

Memories in Technicolor (French: "Les Chemins de Lumière")

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